Our World In Crisis

I have been listening to the news lately, actually most of the time, I just like news.  But I am increasingly concerned for the people being slaughtered by ISIS in Iraq.  The bad situation in Ferguson Missouri, the borders of our country, etc.  I could list so many things right now.

And no matter what your politics, I just want to pray and plead with God to stop the madness.  I know many others do as well.  Do you remember the day AFTER the 9/11 how everyone seemed to actually put aside their differences?  Can we do that now?

Dear God, hear my plea?  Hear all of our pleas Lord.  We are painfully aware of the destruction, pain and death happening in many corners of the world.  What can we do Lord?  How do we respond?  Give us a sign O Lord, give ear to our cries.  People are dying, people are starving, people are being exploited, and forced to flee their homes.  Help us Lord to help you.

I feel helpless as many do in all corners of the world.

Hear our prayers O Lord, we pray. . .Amen

Sandy Ozanich (c) August 29, 2014

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