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This Christian Genocide

One of the things on my heart that causes me the most anguish is the torture and killing of Christians in the Middle East.

As I write this I must relate that there are reports that Isis is moving from town to town killing the men and abducting the women and children.  It has been reported that the women are suffering beatings and rape, even girls as young as 5 years old.

This is evil, despicable.  I have no other words for this.  As a people we must pray, fast and beg our good God to intervene on behalf of those who have been slaughtered and those who will be slaughtered in the days and weeks to come.

My heart is burning with sadness for these people.  We remember 75 years ago the horrendous holocaust that occurred that resulted in the killing of over 6 million Jews and Christians.  Are we witnessing another holocaust?  Pray with me that this evil will stop and stop soon.

In Jesus most precious name,

Sandy O

(C) April 23,2015

My Talk With Student Nurses

I had such a wonderful and fun time today.  I got to speak with a group of student nurses at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital here in Pittsburgh.

I had the opportunity to share with them what transplant is like from the patient’s perspective.  It gave them the chance to see through my eyes what it is like to go through evaluation, “getting the call”, and the transplant itself.  I told them how very important the nurses are to our recovery.  We need you to be kind, gentle, encouraging and firm when we need a kick in the butt – and believe me we need a kick in the butt several times and at times a confidant and protector. Can you handle that?  The nurses I met today certainly fit the bill.

What I really wanted to convey is that nurses are the front line in our recovery and our advocate with the doctors.  I honor all nurses!!!  It is a tough job and a job that requires a person of kindness who sees this as a profession that heals.  If there is someone who views nursing as “just a job” then you need to find another JOB.

Huge thanks to Robin their nurse instructor who invited me to speak and to students Amanda, Sarah, Theresa, Danielle, Courtney, Tori, Nicole and Emily!!!  You made my day.  My prayer is that when you graduate you will be that bright light that brings healing and comfort to those who need it most.  Know that you are greatly appreciated!

With my love and gratitude for you all,

Sandy Ozanich

April 2, 2015