This is CHURCH! This is the mystery. . .

I want to share this short video with you.  It made me cry for joy at the relationship between this father and his ill daughter. Kenzie has mitochondrial disease and lives in her wheelchair.  You will see her smiling as the video goes on.

Life happens in all forms ~ I believe we are given this wonderful opportunity to live life as it happens with confidence, knowing that God is there in the midst of the mess or the beauty!  Can we accept the challenge that our life is?  Can we be human enough to admit our failings and offer gratitude for our successes?

Watch this video and witness how this father has embraced his own life and his daughter’s life as it is and in the embracing, embraces God and the people this video touches.

This is what God is all about. . .this is the mystery, this is the path we all walk. We walk it in love and in great fortitude. . .

THIS IS CHURCH! Not some building with stiff rules and regulations. . .this is LOVE!

If each of us treated others, no matter their condition or social standing, as this father treats his child, the world we live in would be a most peaceful and wonderful place everywhere!

May you be a blessing because you ARE blessed!

Sandy Ozanich (c) July 2, 2014


Giants in the Land by Clark Rich Burbidge (A Book Review)

Giants in the Land

Giants in the Land by Clark Rich Burbidge is a delightful story about a community of people who live in a rural land and are helped in their daily lives by giants who come every day to work with them.  Their presence in this town is a positive presence and the townspeople love them for helping them.

You will meet Forestmaster, Threadweaver, Mountainbiter, Bladesmelter and others.  Each with a name descriptive of their work life.  Interesting characters who will begin to teach what “TheWay of Things” are.

The day comes when the giants disappear.  How will the townspeople react?  Read this wonderful book and find out.

Sandy Ozanich (c) June 30, 2014

And A Child Shall Lead Them. . .

I never stop being amazed at the wonder and wisdom of children.

Yesterday I stopped by McDonald’s and picked up two Happy Meals for my grand-kids Colby and Maya.  Colby is 6, Maya is 4.

When I arrived at their house and brought the Happy Meals in, we sat at the table and opened our treats.  I had ordered some chicken nuggets and a drink for myself.  The kids opened their Happy Meals and discovered that there was no toy in either of them.  I was disappointed because this is not the first time this had happened at this particular fast food restaurant.

After checking both their happy meals I said, “I’m sorry kids.  I think I’m going to complain to McDonald’s because this has happened before”.

Colby looked at me, took his hands with the palms facing me and said, “No grandma, don’t do that.  It was probly just a mistake.”

You could have blown me over with a puff of air. . .here is a 6 year old child giving me the most amazing and compassionate answer that I had to tell him, “Colby, thank you for telling me this.  You helped me realize that sometimes people do make mistakes and I should just let it go.”

What is the old adage ~ out of the mouths of babes. . .

I hope I never disregard what a child tells me.  They are smart, they are honest and if we listen to what they have to say instead of dismissing them because they are young we will learn such wonderful things.   We should listen BECAUSE they are young.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me!”


Sandy Ozanich (c) May 8, 2014






Resurrection is more than the cross we see,
and more than the story we’ve been told.
Resurrection is not something that was simply done for you and me,
It is more that the pretty holy card pictures and the prayers on the back;

Resurrection is something that requires of us a little dying each day,
A little rising above the deaths of our lives ~ ~
It is the truth that Christ died to show me how to live, to show me life.

And if you tell me that Resurrection was a biblical event some 2,000 years ago
I will tell you that I can’t understand, I can’t comprehend. . .
But when you stand before me and show me your wounds,
when you invite me to share in your pain, then I know, then I can comprehend. . .


each day an alcoholic goes without drink. . .
there is resurrection

each day a child is caressed in love and not struck in anger. . .
there is resurrection

for every day a person in depression and darkness sees the joy of life. . .
there is resurrection

for every victim of AIDS who finds comfort with a friend. . .
there is resurrection

every time the homeless find a home. . .
there is resurrection

whenever the cry of the poor is heard. . .
there is resurrection

when we can accept love and life as it is. . .
there is resurrection

when I can live fully,
when I can get strong in the middle of the pain
and still smile others into existence. . .
there is resurrection

when I can see light in the darkness of my heart
when I can love myself and see my goodness,
there is resurrection
when I can accept your concern and claim that as a way back through
the jungle of guilt and confusion. . .
There is resurrection

Sometimes it is so hard to live each day in the midst of what I see on the streets,
In my office, at home, in the lives of those I love. . .
Sometimes I want to run away and cry ~ ~ sometimes it is easier to die
than to be brought to life . . . sometimes. . .

Resurrection means “rising” above the death that living can bring.

For I cannot believe in a God who folds his arms over his chest and says,
“I can have nothing to do with you, you are a sinner”,
I can only believe in a God who catches me when I fall!

God can do nothing else,
God is Love,
God is Resurrection!!!

Sandy Ozanich © 2012

Peter’s Saturday

This poem, written in 2006 by Fr. Tim Fitzgerald C. P., a Passionist Priest and friend of mine, is such a moving piece of writing.  Here he looks at that terrible day when Peter denied Christ 3 times, just like Christ said he would.  This piece speaks volumes about Peter’s emotions the day after he denied Christ – – – imagine yourself in Peter’s position. . .

It was to be:


Sleepless night.
Phantoms of yesterday.
I must be dreaming,
I must awake or my heart will crack.

It is no dream.
I see others in the dark.
It really happened.
It is no dream.

Oh! If only I could have that moment back!
She was just a serving girl ~ sassy and quick.
What could she know?
Fear I never felt on the lake
strangled my tongue
Ate up my braggart way
Like sunlight eats up darkness.

Did those awful words come out of my mouth?
Did I, who never curse, curse?
I don’t know that Man,
I don’t know myself!

It’s coming back to me now. . .
I tried to shame away.
I wanted to disappear.
Then. . .

He crossed the courtyard
Not breathing, I thought;
He doesn’t know
How could He know so soon?

That face I had memorialized like the sea,
Turned slowly.
I grabbed more desperately at the shadows.
Those eyes I had studied so well
Sought me out
Penetrated my darkness
Caught my eyes
As a net snares a struggling fish.

I could not turn away.
I could not look down or beyond that gaze
I was crushed with self-loathing.
I sank beneath the blanket of cold,
Tangled in disgust beyond anything I had ever felt.

Yesterday I had my moment and I failed –
Faltered, fell headlong, denied myself/Himself.
This night you will deny me three times.
Yet I failed Him when He needed me the most.
Even for an hour, He had said.
But those eyes do not reproach me.
They must reproach me like a cock’s crow.

Oh that look, those dark and large eyes
Shining in the fire’s light,
Tell me only one thing:
I love you!
And I wept because His eyes said it all.
I still love you.

And still I weep, because I love Him,

Holy Saturday: 4/15/06
Fr. Tim Fitzgerald, C.P.

Sandy Ozanich (c) April 13, 2014





Pain Wasn’t On My Agenda Today

Well, it wasn’t on my agenda the last two weeks either.

I find it interesting how I deal with pain (physical and emotional). . .Two weeks ago as I was leaving my home for work I stepped on a small piece of ice on the steps and my right knee went down the 3 steps before I did.  Needless to say, my knee twisted and the lower half of my leg ended up behind me being sat upon by my more than medium sized rear-end. . .

Okay, enough of the humor for now.

It is not easy living life day to day when you are in pain, any kind of pain.  I have things to do,  places to be, meetings to be held and grandchildren to cuddle.  All this other stuff wasn’t part of the plan.  So I am a bit complain-y today.  I don’t like pain, I don’t like crabbiness, and I really don’t like telling all of this to you.  However, I know I am not alone in this.

What can be done about it???  First of all and truly, I do thank Jesus for allowing me to share in his sufferings.  To some it may sound absolutely crazy to say that, but I do believe in the power of redemptive suffering and offer it to Him.  Next, I try, through all the crabbiness and tense-ness to understand what it is I am supposed to learn from this pain.

My pain is caused from a fall.  What am I learning about the fall???  I am learning to watch where I walk for one!  But beyond this, perhaps it is a lesson in slowing down and paying more attention to those around me.  Being better to my husband, my children, not to mention myself and more than this to God.  I know that things get neglected when I am unable to do what needs to be done.  I am more than thankful for my husband Tom and my son Brian for their help around the house.  I am thankful for my friends and the rest of my family for their love and concern, their prayers and their fun loving ways of lifting me up.  I am thankful. . .hmmm, Thankful???

Yes, thankful.  No matter what this life brings, no matter the pain, the sorrow, the joy, the accomplishments I must never forget to be THANKFUL!

May you be blessed friends!

Sandy Ozanich (c) February 27, 2014