Passionists of St. Paul of the Cross

Paul of the Cross St. Paul of the Cross

Founder of the Passionists

Paul Francis Danei was born on January 3, 1694 in Ovada, Italy. In 1720, at the age of twenty-six, Paul had a conversion experience. He was asked by God to found a community to keep alive the memory of Christ’s Passion. To achieve this purpose, a local bishop allowed Paul to live in one of the town’s churches.

Late in 1720, he wrote the rule for his future congregation. His rule contained directives on prayer, fasting, spiritual disciplines, penances and ministry.

Wearing a long black robe, he was seen as a holy man and people were attracted to him because of his wisdom and spirituality. At times, we was granted permission to preach. In 1727 Paul was ordained a priest.

Men had begun to join him, sharing his vision for the Church and the world. The men who followed Paul would become known as Passionists because of their dedication to preaching the Passion and death of Christ.

His great missionary career throughout central Italy began in 1730 an continued for forty years. Paul established new foundations, preached missions and directed retreats. After many years of preaching and serving the Passionist Community as its founder and leader, Paul died in 1775. By then the people had started to refer to him as “Paul of the Cross.” He was canonized on June 29, 1867.

This is courtesy of St. Paul of the Cross Monastery, Pittsburgh PA


Sandy Ozanich here:

I am a Passionist Associate with St. Paul of the Cross Province.  I love my connection with this Congregation of Passionist Priests and Brothers.  As an Associate, I have the opportunity to gather with other like-minded Associates together with the Vowed Community to pray, learn and do.

The Passionist Motto is:  May the Passion of Jesus Christ be always in our hearts.

I am going to continue to post various articles about the Passionists and their particular saints.

May you all be blessed


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