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R-E-S-P-E-C-T ~ Find Out What It Means To Me

All right call me crazy, but if you are standing before a judge charged with a crime, especially a drug charge, do you think that laughing at the judge while he is speaking is a good thing to do???

That is what happened in a Florida courtroom this week.  An 18yr old girl was charged with possession of so many “bars” of Xanax.  Don’t know what “bars” of Xanax means, but I think most of us know what Xanax is.  It is a highly addictive drug.

This young woman laughed and was so shocked when the judge began by placing her under a $5,000 Bond.  When she continued to laugh and give him a huge eyed look and then walk away saying “Adios!”, he called her back to the bench and upped her Bond to $10,000 Bond.  At this she was downright rude and abusive to the Judge.  As she walked away she “flipped him the bird” and said, “F- -K You!”  Once again the Judge called her back and asks her if she just said what he thinks she said.  She said, “Yes, sir I did, I’m not gonna lie.”  The Judge in turn told her she was in contempt of court and sentences her to 30 days in jail.  This young girl then smiles and says, “That’s ok.”

When are we as a nation going to teach our children to be respectful for authority which includes parents, teachers and all authority.  Where does this girl get off being such a smarty pants with a Judge???  I am disappointed, but not surprised that this is going on.

Where does it come from???  You tell me, but I believe that it is the realm of the parents to teach their children to be respectful, courteous and just all around good people.  Is it a lack of faith teaching???  Are the kids not being taught about God???  I believe this is the case.  I would love to hear what you think.

Sandy Ozanich (c)