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Of Consummated Love

A whispered sigh,

A warm embrace

As tears roll down her blushing face,

A consummated love.


All the fears,

the stories told,

All the wives tales, new and old,

Of consummated love.


But now the sweetness,

ah the glow,

Have put an end to stories told

of consummated love.


A whispered sigh,

A warm embrace,

Have now turned night to midnight lace

and consummated love!

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

The Love That Lies Asleep

For many days and weeks I sat and wondered ~

deliberted with myself and pondered

how best to show the love you thought was squandered.

I felt denied ~ I’ll bet you felt abandoned.

My thoughts of you are more and more companion ~

I want so much to share the love you offer,

but something holds me back, I search for answers.

I find so hard to say the things I need to ~

just knowing how to start comes to an end.

If you and I could hold each other closely,

perhaps the words would help to heal and mend.

We need each other now and for all seasons

to build anew the love that lies asleep,

to hear those words so long ago, so distant

yet deep within my heart the memories keep.

For lovers know how loud the sound of silence

We draw the curtain round to hide the pain.

but, somehow in our lonliness we hope for

the one we know whose love makes whole again.

I’ve taken aim at you with words unspoken,

you’ve answered back with no more words than I.

we want so much to love each other deeply,

but flounder in a sea of empty whys.

If we could just be honest with our feelings

and toss all cares and worries to the floor,

we’d be in better shape to go on loving

because we know that that’s what we’re here for.

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

Sweet Surprises. . .

Yesterday my husband and me celebrated 36 years of marriage!  Whew, that’s a long time, a lifetime when you consider how long marriages last these days.

I just love this guy!  He is a good man, a stable man, a man who would do whatever his neighbor needs. . .in fact I told him once that he makes a better Christian than me.  He knows what’s expected of him and he passes with flying colors!

On the other hand, I have not always measured up to my own expectations.  But that’s just me.  I do this to myself and it makes for some rocky conversations.  What do I mean?  I mean that I can be heard to say to him, “I just wish you could tell me how you feel about that.”  Or “I never know how to take you, just give me a clue”.  And again “It’s called conversation ~ I say something then you say something.”

Does this sound familiar???  This has been the pattern for all these years.  I don’t know why it bothered me so much, but it did, until now.  I may be slow on the uptake but it did take 36 years to come to peaceful terms with my husband’s silent love and devotion.

There are the sweet surprises like this morning when I went out to get in my car to drive our grandson to pre-school, I noticed that he had washed my car.  May not seem significant to you, but it is to me.  He will do things for me but he won’t tell me that he has.  It is a present waiting to be found.  Another time it will be that he did the dishes when he knew I was just too tired to get them done.  If I happen to mention that I would love to have such and such, the next time he goes shopping he will buy it and bring it home, well within reason of course.  It would be fun to say, “boy I’d love to have that  new car, oh wait, he did!  He did because my old car was OLD, had 87,000 miles and no longer had air-conditioning.  So you can imagine that over these 36 years there have been many “sweet surprises”

I used to get annoyed when he would leave things for me to find, things that he had done in the house that needed done.  I thought  that he just wanted to see how long it would take me to “find” his “gift”.  But it was this morning that the “light” finally went on when I noticed how nice and clean my car was and I knew he did it.

How many sweet surprises do our loved ones do for us that we don’t recognize as sweet surprise gifts?  For me there were thousands of them over the course of 36 years.

My husband is a man of very few words.  He is a man who likes to tease and to please.  He is a conundrum for those who don’t know him well but he is my conundrum who has taught me to look for the surprises in life.


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