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“Boredom results from thinking too much of yourself”

I don’t know where this quote came from, if any of my readers know, I would love to know also.  I found it on a sign outside a Glass Replacement company near my home.  They always have an interesting saying or quote, and this one caught my imagination.

Thinking about the meaning of this quote really came too close to home.  I find myself getting bored on a pretty regular basis.  When I am out and about, visiting with friends or family, my mind is occupied and there is no boredom within reach.

On the other hand, when I am alone, I find it difficult to stay alone very long.  And if I’m really honest, it’s not so much the aloneness that gets to me, it’s the quiet.  Years ago I could sit quietly, meditate, pray, or listen to soft, beautiful music.  Today, ever since my lung transplant and the coming of our 4 grandchildren, staying quiet is not so much something I like. 

My mind is always busy thinking of so many things. I think of the kids, my family.  I think of the things that are going on in my country politically and events around the world.  I think of those suffering around the world because of their Christian faith.  God is on my mind as well.  I wonder what He is thinking and I pray that I am pleasing to Him.

So when I read this quote, “Boredom results from thinking too much of yourself”, I realized that I was thinking too much of myself and not sitting with and meditating on God, on what Jesus has done for me.  I have spent too much time wondering what God is thinking of me instead of thinking of God and how I feel about Him.

It’s time to come to my senses and give God what he so very much wants from me and that is my time.  He just wants me to sit with him and visit.  To offer my thoughts and praise and concerns with Him more often than I do now.

From my earliest days I have known that God is there.  As a child I thought about God in that most innocent way a child does.  Perhaps going back to sit on the lap of the Father and allowing Him to speak to me and I to Him is more desirable than anything that I do now.  I’m realizing that sitting with the Father and the Son and the Spirit is the first step to becoming more loving and good to my neighbor.

Sandy Ozanich © January 31, 2013