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How Not to Be A Mature Christan

Yesterday started with a bang!  I drive my grandson Colby to pre-school a couple mornings a week before I go to work.

Now Colby’s little sister Maya likes to ride along, so their mom, our daugher Kelly and Maya accompany Colby and me to his pre-school.  We pull up in a kind of driveway which is narrow and has a median alongside the driveway.  So all of us parents and grandparents are lined up in the driveway while we drop the children off with their teachers.

Kelly, Maya and I walk back to the car, but we can’t go anywhere because the mother parked in front of us still has not come to get her car.  So we wait and we wait and we wait.  Now I’m getting irritated because I have to take Kelly and Maya home and I need to get to work.

I walked back to the school and ask Colby’s teacher if she knows who owns the car blocking me in.  I am second in line and the man who was behind me got so frustrated that he climbed over the median and drove away.  My car isn’t seated high enough to do this.

Colby’s teacher isn’t sure who owns the car but has an idea.  I told her I needed to get to work and I am blocked in.

So, again we wait, and wait.  Perhaps 3-4 minutes pass and she finally comes for her car.  I got out of my car and told her that it may have been better if she had parked across from the median so the rest of us can get out.  At this point she knows I am irritated.  I told her I needed to get to work.  I must say that she did say that she was sorry,  but “they” called her inside to talk.  I replied that it would have been nice if she had come out to move her car before she went back inside so the rest of us could get out.    At that point this mom says, “Shut up!”

Now being the mature Catholic who knows how to be an adult shouts back, “Oh, you shut up!”  So much for being an adult. . .

I failed the “walk humbly with your God” statement, I was irritated and I just let it fly!  Sometimes it is hard to just let something go.  We face it all the time.  Sometimes I do it well, some times I don’t.  Today I didn’t.

Lord, help me to do a better job of meeting people where they are and to respond more kindly, but also with firmness at times when others don’t consider the other person in their actions.


As a side note, today is the day my Mother died in 1986. . .Rest in Peace Mom!  I love you!

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012