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As we look forward to tonights Easter Vigil and the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ,  I offer to you my reflection on what Resurrection means. . .



Resurrection is more than the cross we see,

and more than the story we’ve been told.

Resurrection is not something that was simply done for you and me,

It is more that the pretty holy card pictures and the prayers on the back;


Resurrection is something that requires of us a little dying each day,

A little rising above the deaths of our lives ~ ~

It is the truth that Christ died to show us how to live, to show us life.


And if you tell me that Resurrection was a biblical event some 2,000 years ago

I will tell you that I can’t understand, I can’t comprehend. . .

But when you stand before me and show me your wounds,

when you invite me to share in your pain, then I know, then I can comprehend. . .




each day an alcoholic  goes without drink. . .

there is resurrection


each day a child is caressed in love and not struck in anger. . .

there is resurrection


for every day a person in depression and darkness sees the joy of life. . .

there is resurrection


for every victim of AIDS who finds comfort with a friend. . .

there is resurrection


every time the homeless find a home. . .

there is resurrection


whenever the cry of the poor is heard. . .

there is resurrection


when we can accept love and life as it is. . .

there is resurrection


when I can live fully,

when I can get strong in the middle of the pain

and still smile others into existence. . .

there is resurrection


when I can see light in the darkness of my heart

when I can love myself and see my goodness,

there is resurrection

when I can accept your concern and claim that as a way back through

the jungle of guilt and confusion. . .

There is resurrection


Sometimes it is so hard to live each day in the midst of what I see on the streets,

In my office, at home, in the lives of those I love. . .

Sometimes I want to run away and cry ~ ~ sometimes it is easier to die

than to be brought to life . . . sometimes. . .


Resurrection means “rising” above the death that living can bring.


For I cannot believe in a God who folds his arms over his chest and says,

“I can have nothing to do with you, you are a sinner”,

I can only believe in a God who catches me when I fall!


God can do nothing else,

God is Love,

God is Resurrection!!!


Sandy Ozanich © 2012

Happy Heart Day!

Happy Heart Day!

My heart belongs to my husband Tom, my grown children Megan, Kelly and Brian. . .also our 4 grandchildren, Colby, Nathan, Maya and Natalie.  What heart can contain the love of parents for children AND grandchildren. . .

However, I am only able to love them because God loves me first and I love God first, although I must admit that I don’t always love God first.  Loving God first helps us to love  those around us, our family, friends and even those who aren’t that loveable to us.

It takes a lot of heart to love and be loved!  Be that source of love and encouragement to those around you.  This world will be a much better place for you and for your little corner of the world!!!

As a friend of mine says, “LOVE WINS!!!”


Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

God Does Not Die. . .

“God does not die on the day we cease to believe in a personal deity, but we die on the day when our lives cease to be illuminated by the steady radiance, renewed daily, of a wonder, the source of which is beyond all reason.”  Dag Hammarskjold

I was cleaning out my computer room, the one that actually gets all the STUFF that none of us know what to do with right away.  Which is another way of saying that it will stay there until I throw it all out.

I came across this quote from Dag Hammarskjold and began to think about what it is trying to say.

I hear this quote saying that if I allow my day to day life to go on without communicating with God, giving my day and my activities to Him, my life will become dry, dreary and without true life. . .it will be as if I am dead inside.  Eventually those I interact with will notice the change.  I will appear as one who doesn’t care about anything, who walks in darkness without rhyme or reason.

Lord, help me to see how much I need to connect with you each and every day.  That is through Your love I find light and life.  Help me to see that being close to you brings me closer to your creation and your people.  I want to thank You for Your love, inspiration and Your constant reminder that to love another is to love You.  Amen

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

Of Consummated Love

A whispered sigh,

A warm embrace

As tears roll down her blushing face,

A consummated love.


All the fears,

the stories told,

All the wives tales, new and old,

Of consummated love.


But now the sweetness,

ah the glow,

Have put an end to stories told

of consummated love.


A whispered sigh,

A warm embrace,

Have now turned night to midnight lace

and consummated love!

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

The Watchman

He was standing in the  doorway

looking taller than the night,

and His eyes became like dancing flames

as they caught the soft moonlight.


And as I walked on toward Him

He quickly left that place,

but I followed close behind Him

never knowing what we’d face.


He led me to an open field

where the sheep and little lambs grew,

and He laid his hand upon me

and spoke these words so new.


“Feed my sheep and warm their hearts,

never leave them all alone.

You are the watchman of my flock,

so give my sheep a home.”


He didn’t say another word

but slowly walked away,

and yet I knew beyond a doubt

that I had found aa way.


I pondered on the words He’d said

and thought about the way

he never had to raise His voice

to make me learn to pray.


I simply followed close behind,

drawn by this strange new man

who spoke with such authority

by simply raising His hand.


I didn’t realize then my friend

the power He possessed,

but I knew I wanted more of this

new joy that filled my breast!


And then one day I saw Him ~

at least I thought it was

the same man who had led me

to that field among the straws ~


His face was torn and beaten,

His legs were black and blue ~

but I never will forget those eyes

that had that dancing hue!


As fear began to grip me

He slowly turned my way

and gave me such a peaceful smile

that all I did was say,


“I’ll follow anywhere You go

and do those things You choose,

because a man with all Your strength

can never, ever lose!”


And as He hung upon that cross,

His love for us was sealed,

because He suffered for us all

and to us He revealed. . .


That He’s the Son of God on High

His gentle touch was felt

by the strongest men in all the world

and at His gaze they’d melt.


But, even more exciting is

the day He rose again

because we know that we ourselves

will rise up like He did!

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 2012

The Presence

I peer into the face of my lonliness expecting nothing. . .

I peer into the face of my pain ~ wanting all love and hope ~ believing in nothing at all.  I looked into  the eyes of my sorrow and lost myself in the Presence.

In the arms of my past memories I felt the hope so l long ago faded, but now resurrected in the light of new found striving. . .and I see You, my neglected friend, searching me with Your smile, Your unencumbered love ~ knowing me well yet loving me still.

And when I find loving so difficult, so painful and caring too much of a burden to bear, when the road before me turns dark and silent, You are there. . .willing me on, smiling me into existence, tugging at me with Your eyes, holding me with Your glance ~ for it is all I can stand; a loving glance, a longing for truth in a world cold and sterile ~ my world, my making, my self-imposed tomb.

In these hours of desperate need, when what I desire is too painful to accomplish or realize, it is in this that my thoughts turn to you and ask why.  Why must it be so?  How can one go on when the force, the desire, the need turns cold before Your face?

I felt from time to time like one big bruise.  That any touch is painful, even loving ones.  I remember a time when I fell and scraped my knees and bruised my side and my mom kissed it and soothed it with ointment.  I remember that even those loving touches were painful. . .the promise of “let me kiss it and make it better” was painful.

Yet, the love continued, the nurturing went on and soon the painful became just a memory and the love and care took its place.  I know that this pain will pass.  You have “kissed” my hurt and held me in your love, even though that too was painful.

Love and life is a messy thing said Fr. Dan Sullivan CP and he was right.  It asks everything of me, it pulls me in all directions and leads me in ways I wish not to go.  But  go on I must for I am a creature of Love and you are a creature of Love.

Our existence has only one truth, one purpose ~ to love, to smile into existence those who are also searching the faces of their lonliness, their sorrow, their pain.

Sandy Ozanich ~ Copyright 1990