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Enter the Advent Womb

We’ve honored the doorways of Lazarus,

paid homage to Kaufmanns and Sears.

The Season of Sparkle has grabbed us

and filled us with gift shopping fears.

 We’ve decked all our halls with good wishes

and shopped every Mall —  one more time!

Has the Spirit of Christmas come down to

the jingle of nickels and dimes?

 But, it’s lovely and lively and thrilling . . . . . !


                                 the merchants

                                                 are making

                                                                a killing!


Let us ever so gently enter the Advent Womb,

like a little drummer, bringing all we have. . .

our joy and our pain,

our sin and our goodness,

our questions and our searching,

our longing for something.

 for someone . . . . .

 We surrender to the Love that calls,

bringing all we are

and all we think we are.

 Surrounded by this sacred, fluid darkness

we yearn for birth,

for wholeness,

 for courage to stand for those who are afraid,

for words to speak for those who can’t,

for the simple pleasures

of a life fully lived,

a love fully given,

for Light in the darkness,

for peace

for Christ.

  Deep within our hearts we prepare a place

A manger of acceptance – – –

A Place of hope

A Place of healing,

a Refuge.

 Gently, ever so gently, enter the Advent Womb

and together we will give birth

to our dreams

our Christ

our selves.

                                                                      Hand Drawn Stable and Camel                                  

Sandy Ozanich ©


Author’s Note:  I am a Lay Passionist Associate with the Province of St. Paul of the Cross.  I would like to suggest that you visit our monastery at: