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A Little Art House

While we were on retreat this past weekend at Villa Maria Education and Spirituality Center two of us had some time to explore the little art house that provides an opportunity to explore your creative side and what God may have for you.

This place is awesome.  It is small, but mighty.  There are several rooms ~ one contains a pottery wheel and 2 kilns, one contains all kinds of books on art and artwork, supplies such as paints, crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc.  There is all kinds of paper.  Another room contains a huge sink for washing up brushes and your hands.  There are many pamphlets and booklets about herbs and gardening.

Next is an upstairs room which is a Zen meditation room with a large sand garden complete with rocks and little rakes to design the garden.  There are places to sit and meditate.  A very peaceful atmosphere is contained in this space.

I am truly not an artist in the usual sense.  My art is contained in my words, thus  poetry is my most often used form of expression.  But I decided to put my hands and thoughts to work on an abstract piece of art to express what I was feeling about how the Church and women have evolved over the centuries.

Of course, as I was painting words started coming to me to help describe what I was painting.

My Interpretation of the Movement of the Church


From hills of hope

so long ago trod,

to present days of yearning

we stretch our hands and hearts

to heights of new found striving. . .


Across the fields of wounded hearts

we found new shoots of grace

amid blue skies that reached below

to grant the wanderers peace.


To explain this poem and abstract ~ the lower portion of the painting is green; meaning hope in the beginning of the Catholic Church.  As time went on the color turns to brown describing the muddy and muddled condition of the Church in terms of the role of women in the Church.     In the beginning, during the time of Jesus and beyond his Resurrection, there were women who became Deaconesses and disciples of Christ.  It seemed that as the years wore on women were relegated once again to a position of subservience. . .

Even now women and men with vision have been reaching out of the mud and muddled condition.  There rose colorful people looking to reach for God amid the patriarchal system we now live in.  Times are changing, slowly, but changing to return women to a place of true involvement in the Church they love. 

The top of the painting is the love of a Mother who wants us all to continue to love Jesus and work for peace and cooperation in the Church.


Remember, this is my interpretation of what I feel is happening in the Church.  I don’t think I am alone in this interpretation.  We just continue to pray for recognition and acceptance as women in the Church.

May God continue to bless you and Grace you with joy, peace, and strength for the journey that we will continue to walk until God calls us home.


Sandy Ozanich © Sept. 13, 2012