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And A Child Shall Lead Them. . .

I never stop being amazed at the wonder and wisdom of children.

Yesterday I stopped by McDonald’s and picked up two Happy Meals for my grand-kids Colby and Maya.  Colby is 6, Maya is 4.

When I arrived at their house and brought the Happy Meals in, we sat at the table and opened our treats.  I had ordered some chicken nuggets and a drink for myself.  The kids opened their Happy Meals and discovered that there was no toy in either of them.  I was disappointed because this is not the first time this had happened at this particular fast food restaurant.

After checking both their happy meals I said, “I’m sorry kids.  I think I’m going to complain to McDonald’s because this has happened before”.

Colby looked at me, took his hands with the palms facing me and said, “No grandma, don’t do that.  It was probly just a mistake.”

You could have blown me over with a puff of air. . .here is a 6 year old child giving me the most amazing and compassionate answer that I had to tell him, “Colby, thank you for telling me this.  You helped me realize that sometimes people do make mistakes and I should just let it go.”

What is the old adage ~ out of the mouths of babes. . .

I hope I never disregard what a child tells me.  They are smart, they are honest and if we listen to what they have to say instead of dismissing them because they are young we will learn such wonderful things.   We should listen BECAUSE they are young.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me!”


Sandy Ozanich (c) May 8, 2014